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Wednesday, 09 March 2011

Covenants & Restrictions

Note:  The following links to the documents are not an official copy of the Declaration of Covenants and Restriction for Westfield Woods.  The only official copy of the document is on file with the Recorder of Deeds, County of St. Charles , State of Missouri .


ARTICLE I - Definitions





Section 1. Composition of Board of Directors:

    1. The Board of Directors will consist of three (3) "owners". Each owner must be in "Good Standing" during his or her term. The three positions will be President, Secretary and Treasurer.
    2. The President shall preside over all meetings of the Board of Directors and of the voting members. The Secretary shall keep minutes of all meetings of the Board of Directors and of the voting members and in general perform all duties incident to the office of Secretary. The Treasurer shall keep all financial records and books of account.

Section 2. Nomination of Board of Directors:

    1. The President shall call the Annual Meeting, duly announced in accordance with Section (8) in this Article, with the "Nomination of Board of Directors" published on the agenda.
    2. Each owner in good standing may nominate one (1) candidate for the office of President, Secretary and Treasurer during the meeting or by "Proxy".
    3. The owner shall be responsible for determination of the nominee’s willingness to serve prior to nomination.
    4. The member must declare their willingness to serve in writing to the President prior to the adjournment of the annual meeting in ordered to appear on the election ballot. A declaration by e-mail or letter of willingness-to-serve on the nomination ballot will be acceptable.
    5. The President will call for the nomination and then a vote of each office, starting with the President then the Secretary and then the Treasurer. Each "Owner" present will have one vote. Any "Owner" will also be able to vote their proxies. The names of the three (3) nominees for each elective office receiving the most votes shall be placed on the election ballot for use in Section 3 in this Article.
    6. Once an owner has been nominated to an office, that owner will not be allowed to be the nominee for the remaining office(s).

Section 3. Election:

  1. The Secretary shall cause election balloting notices to be mailed with the names of the nominees from Section 2 in this Article to all of the registered lot owners within 7 days of the "Annual Meeting". The due date of the ballots will be 21 days after the "Annual Meeting". The election balloting notice shall list the names of the nominees for each elective office in alphabetical order. Each "Owner" in good standing may vote for one (1) candidate for each elective office and the successful candidate for each office shall be that eligible candidate receiving the greatest number of election votes. Nothing herein shall prohibit the write-in and election of an eligible "Owner" for elective office. In the event of a tie vote, straws will be drawn to determine the winning candidate.
  2. The results of the election will be posted in the Westfield Woods Community Association Newsletter.

Section 4. Terms:

The newly elected President will serve a three (3) year term, the newly elected Secretary will serve a two (2) year term and the newly elected Treasurer will serve a one (1) year term. Thereafter, an election shall be held each year electing one Director for a three (3) year term to replace the Director whose term is expiring.

Section 5. Intentionally Left Blank:

Section 6. Resignation:

If a Board Member resigns their position, the remaining Board Members shall call a Meeting for the purpose of electing a replacement Board Member. This meeting must be called within 21 days of the resignation. Sections 2 and 3 in this Article will be used to nominate and elect the vacant Board Member position with the exception of the meeting date.

Section 7. Recall:

Any "Owner" may request the Board of Directors to hold a Meeting of "Owners" for the purpose of a Board Member Recall. The Board must hold the meeting within 90 day of such request. At the Board Meeting, which has been called to consider, among other things, a recall, by a majority vote of the "Owners" in good standing that are present, and valid proxies, may request the Board to initiate and circulate a ballot among the "Owners" for the removal of a Board Member. If the recall request is approved, the Board of Directors must complete the recall balloting within 21 days of the meeting. Such ballots shall be validated and tallied under the supervision of the other two (2) Board Members who shall certify the results and notify the Association. In the event of a successful recall, the remaining Board Members shall hold an election to replace the vacant Board position as stated in Section 6 in this Article.

Section 8. Annual Meeting:

The Board of Directors shall call for an annual meeting of the Lot Owners on the second Thursday of October of each and every year.

ARTICLE VI – Architectural Control Committee


ARTICLE VIII -  Easements

ARTICLE IX -  General Provisions


Amendment 1, Article IV, Assessments

Amendment 2, Article VII, Section 2, Paragraph 9

Amendment 3, Articles I and V

Amendment 4, Article IX

Amendment 5, Article VII, Section 1, Paragraph 7 & Article IX

Amendment 6, Article VII, Section 1, Paragraph 5


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