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Members - Despine Coulis,
                  Arnie Stewart
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Common Ground: commonarea@westfieldwoods.com


  1. Perimeter trimming
  2. Perimeter weed and brush control
  3. Staining and sealing of park benches
  4. Routine trash patrol and removal

Wilderness Trail:

  1. Annual crack sealing
  2. Drainage pipe clearing to prevent erosion
  3. Leaf removal during the Fall season
  4. Weed and brush control along edge
  5. Routine trash patrol and removal

All Common Grounds:

  1. Tree, shrub, flower, and/or grass planting and mulch application where needed.  In the case of trees and shrubs, the variety of tree and planting method used will be determined by following the recommendations and guidance of professionals educated and certified in this area of expertise.  Only species indigenous to Missori must be planted.
  2. Cleanup of fallen trees or tree limbs on improved areas only.  If the scope of the job will require an outside contractor, notify the WWCA Executive Board of Directors for arrangements. 
  3. Routine trash patrol and removal


  1. Shingle repair
  2. Gutter cleaning
  3. Storage area cleaning
  4. Routinely inspect for infestation of carpenter bees or termites.  Notify the WWCA Executive Board of Directors if infestation is noted.
  5. Trash can status and servicing.  If can needs emptied, call Grace Hauling during business hours prior to Tuesday at 636-398-8060 to request the trash be picked up.  Move the trash can out to Henning Road next to the parking lot entrance on Monday night.  Be sure to move the can back to the pavilion after trash pick-up.

Subdivision Entrance Monument

  1. Landscaping
  2. General maintenance including lighting repair or replacement when damaged or inoperative

Subdivision Fire Hydrants

  1. Check annually to determine condition of paint.  If painting is required, paint all subdivision hydrants at the same time for uniformity.

The following common area items will be arranged, maintained, or serviced by the WWCA Executive Board of Directors:

  1. Routine common ground lawn mowing
  2. Common ground lawn annual fertilizing and weed control (weed & feed)
  3. Baseball diamond maintenance including:
    1.  Field grading and leveling including adding field materials
    2. Field dragging
    3. Weed control
    4. Backstop upkeep
Chairperson - Steve Geringer
Covenants & Restrictions: compliance.committee@westfieldwoods.com

Ensure compliance of the Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions for Westfield Woods

Manage the process approved by the Board of Directors to address any violations to the Covenants and Restrictions.

Report to the Board of Directors any actions taken by committee in regards to a Homeowner.

Maintain a survey of the neighborhood to establish and maintain a list of all improvements made to Homeowners properties.  Coordinate any changes to the list with the Architectural Control Committee.

Operates Anonymously
Architectural Review: ArchitecturalReview@westfieldwoods.com

Review and Approve Designs for Proposed Improvements to Residential Properties

WWCA Board of Directors
Political Action: politicalaction@westfieldwoods.com

Attend Dardenne Prairie Trustee &  Planning and Zoning Meetings.
Attend St. Charles County Public Meetings. Report as Necessary to Westfield Woods Residents.

Chairperson - Vacant
Ball Field:

Manage reservation process for ball field.

Maintain ball field. (weed control, field dragging, backstop maintenance)

Chairperson -



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